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Professional Delivery & Installation Rates

Next Day Delivery Service is available on purchases made Monday through Friday. Saturday Delivery and 30 minute call ahead appointments are available.

Rates Effective: 07/23/2015

Standard DeliveryDELDelivered and Hooked to Existing Fixtures$79.99
Mileage ChargeMILEAGE2020-30 Miles from Store$99.99
Mileage Charge (Extend)MILEAGE30L30-40 Miles from Store$119.99
Gas Appliance Hookup*GASINSTALLConnection to Existing Pipe with Shutoff Valve$40.00 + Delivery
Built-In RangesBUILTINST-RNGCooktop, Drop-In, Slide-In Installation$40.00 + Delivery
Built-In OvensBUILTINST-OVNWall Oven, Over-the-Range Microwave$40.00 + Delivery
Dishwasher**DWINSTALLReplacement Install (Water, Power, Drain)$40.00 + Delivery
New Water Line***WLINSTALLRun New Water Line from Cold Water Source$25.00 + Delivery
Large AC InstallationACOVER14Install 14,000 BTU units and larger$50.00 + Delivery
Appliance RemovalHAULOFFRemove old Appliances and Dispose LegallyFree
Furniture AssemblyASSEMBLYPreassemby of Furniture Prior to Delivery$30.00 + Delivery

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* Connection to existing fixture located behind appliance with independent shut off valve only. ** Does not include cutting of any counter tops or cabinets. Braided hose is not included in charge. *** Due to the possibility of water leaks, we will not hookup to plastic water lines. Braided Poly or Stainless Steel hoses are not included in water line hookups.