Company Profile

Handy TV, Inc., currently operates 6 full line appliance and electronics stores in North and Central Alabama. In addition to carrying TVs, major appliances, audio, small electronics and room air-conditioners, we also handle lawn care and outdoor power products. Locally Owned 40 Years. Founded in 1976, Handy officers believe in a "hands on" management style which directly involves them in the day to day operations of the company. Handy's determination to serve our customers better than anyone else, results in a dedicated and hard working sales team which is recognized and rewarded. Also rewarded are the customers, who receive personal care and attention as well as getting the best prices for the finest products. Handy is committed to winning in the long haul through teaming with its employees and suppliers to serve its customers best. This has led Handy TV to be the dominant independent retailer in Alabama, in both brown and white goods.

Handy TV·Appliance is committed to continued long-term growth by providing outstanding products, service and value to its customers. The Company emphasizes winning in the long-term, making every reasonable effort to delight the customer. Handy TV·Appliance also recognizes the significant role which employees play in achieving company goals and is therefore committed to providing good long-term compensation for contributing employees. Handy TV·Appliance expects that all company personnel act in a fair and ethical manner while representing The Company, and is committed to treating all employees in a like manner.